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Mortgage Banking & Lending

By working with our seasoned dedicated team leaders, clients are provided with a single point of contact throughout the process to ensure efficiency and professional service.

Headquartered within the heart of Coral Gables, Florida, the company provides mortgage banking services, strategic advice and investment planning acumen by leveraging the entrepreneurial passion and industry experience of a committed team of mortgage bankers and financial advisors so that owners, investors and developers can realize their highest ambitions from their business activities. 

We understand business deals need to get from origination to the closing table smoothly and professionally. For this reason, Stewards of Capital & Co. has implemented a team approach to doing business - our mortgage bankers, processors and underwriters stay involved throughout each step of the process, working continuously with every member of the assigned team to get the deal closed. 

Whether you're in the market for a new mortgage, or thinking about refinancing an existing property, consider the one advantage Stewards of Capital & Co. may offer that other group can't ---- your very own Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist who can help you meet all your financial goals.

Our mortgage planners can help you view financing in the context of your overall wealth management goals and introduce you to a whole new different kind of personal service. Together, you can discuss financing ideas to help integrate your real estate needs with your overall wealth management, tax planning, and business strategy. And when the ideas fit your situation, your advisor can propose a solution based on your unique personal and financial goals.

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