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Private Client Concierge Services

Private Client Concierge Services

Enjoy exclusive access to exceptional service and personal concierge attention from a dedicated team of personal financial planners.

Concierge Services Designed for You

Your Private Client Banker will guide you through premium mortgage banking solutions

available only through Stewards of Capital Private Client.

Private Client Concierge Services

Founded in 2005, our firm has consistantly supported our expansion from our roots as a boutique mortgage lending and wealth management business through the introduction of new services and business lines.


Stewards of Capital Private Client is designed with your needs in mind. You will have a team of specially-trained professionals who bring together premium investment planning acumen and wealth management solutions available only through Stewards of Capital Private Client with exclusive access to the expertise and investment capabilities of Stewards of Capital & Co.


Investment Approach
Private Client Profile

Our fundamental approach to investing is bottom-up and value-oriented, strengthened by our focus on off-market situations and our ability to provide creative solutions to complex situations.

Stewards of Capital & Co. invests in real estate through direct and indirect property ownership, and through private real estate securities and financial instruments. We focus specifically on value-added transactions, distressed assets, and development opportunities both domestically and internationally.

Returns are created through reliance on proactive management, rather than simple application of financial leverage. By actively improving property values, we are able to generate target returns in all market environments. The team seeks situations in which investments can be made at an attractive cost basis and where value can be increased through intensive operational and financial management. We have strong relationships in the real estate industry that provide Stewards of Capital & Co. with excellent and exclusive access to off-market transaction flow.

In addition to investing directly in real property, Stewards of Capital & Co. uses the same analytical and valuation skills to assess financial instruments whose value is supported by real estate. Whether distressed or performing, there are many situations where the return criteria can be achieved by investing in sub-performing and non-performing bank owned notes. At any given point in time, the SoC portfolio may contain various types of securities primarily focused on value oriented fixed income investments, with a secondary focus on real estate that the team feels are substantially undervalued.​

  • High Net Worth Individuals

  • Family Offices

  • Fund & Funds-of-Funds Managers

  • Pension Funds

  • Trustees & Estate Executors


There is wealth in providing you with a greater perspective of the world.

One thing you can count on in life is change. You see change constantly in your personal relationships, business deals, and family finances. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a successful professional at the peak of your career, a young widow with two small children to support, or a retired corporate executive. Change is an integral part of all our lives.

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