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The vision for Towles Garden represents an opportunity to strengthen the community of Dunbar and surrounding communities with a model development which contributes to the lives and wellbeing of the residents, the city and Lee County, Florida as this new neighborhood will set the tone for a new era of affordable housing diversity and greater consumer choice by providing affordable / attainable housing that would be highly desirable anywhere.

Macfarlane Barney Development, in conjunction with the City of Fort Myers and the Dunbar Community, is using Towles Garden as a cornerstone project for 10 additional earmarked developments within Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ’s) in Lee County and additional QOZ’s in adjacent South Florida counties.

In Towles Garden, MacFarlane Barney Development will include a variety of affordable and attainable multifamily housing units, ranging in size from 1100-1500 square feet townhouses and villas.  The homes shall be architecturally innovative urban designs with an added touch of modernism, providing a range of types, sizes, and pricing.  The development shall be pedestrian-friendly with well-lit streets, common areas, and buildings that are safe and visually appealing, to encourage walking within the community.  Additionally, MacFarlane Barney Development envisions a mini-park with benches where parents can easily supervise their children at play, sidewalks for pedestrian safety, and pavilions for families to participate in socially enriching activities, as well as personal and professional development.

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