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Planning for retirement today is different than it used to be. Americans are living longer while Social Security, pensions, and personal investments are becoming less reliable. It's important to take more control of your financial future – and the sooner you start, the better.


Use our retirement resources to help you prepare for your financial future. Then talk with a financial professional to develop a strategy for guaranteed lifetime income.

Retirement insights



Our latest research results may help you prepare for retirement. You can read white papers, take quizzes, and download other materials on retirement issues and solutions.


Reclaiming the Future – See how baby boomers around the country are preparing for retirement. And take a quiz to determine your financial personality.


Women, Money, and Power – Despite professional and financial gains, many women still feel insecure about their financial futures. View study results and download useful checklists.


Rethinking what's ahead – As Social Security and defined-benefit (pension) plans become less reliable, personal assets must by necessity assume a bigger role in funding retirement.

Retirement tools



Start planning now for your ideal retirement. These tools can help you experiment with different saving and investment strategies.



The 4C'sSM: A framework for your retirement income strategies – Learn how to think about your retirement income needs based on the 4C's: clarity, comfort, cost of living, and certainty.





Benefit of Tax Deferral Calculator – Why consider a tax-deferred investment?


Retirement Income Calculator – How much money will you need to save over time to generate your desired income in retirement?

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