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Get an Advanced Credit Approval Today and

Be Taken Seriously as a Homebuyer



Before you start shopping for your dream home, you need to make sure it's

within your budget, and our Advanced Credit Approval gives you the assurance

you need to know how much you can afford. At Stewards of Capital Home

Mortgage® we believe in creating relationships, starting with this complementary

service, whether you need an existing home buyer loan, a first-time home buyer

loan, or to refinance your home mortgage.


The advanced credit approval process isn't a preapproval: It's a strong credit

approval that will let sellers know you're committed in the buying process. It

will give you the confidence to look for a new home, know how much you qualify

to borrow, and understand the different types of mortgages we offer, including

Fixed Rate Mortgages, Adjustable Rate Mortgages, VA Home Loans, or more.


Find a home that fits your budget


There is nothing more frustrating than finding out the home you love is more than you can afford. With our Advanced Credit Approval, you know exactly how much you can spend even before looking at homes on the market.


Be taken seriously as a homebuyer


Right now, the housing industry is a buyer’s market.  There are many homes to choose from, but you run the risk of competing with other buyers who are also interested in the home you choose.  Creating a competitive advantage over other buyers is where we can help.  Your commitment, through a credit approval, to the home buying process will show Realtors and buyers that you’re serious.


Get the advantage over competing offers


Unprepared buyers will make offers without a credit approval, but when you get a strong credit approval with Stewards of Capital Home Mortgage® you can immediately compete with these buyers who have not considered their home financing options or know their limits. Buyers who are approved with Stewards of Capital Home Mortgage® know exactly what is attainable, and they can back it up with an in-writing offer.


Negotiate to get the price you want


When you have a credit approval in hand, negotiating becomes easier. Buyers can shop and make an offer on a home as if the money is in your pocket.  Our Advanced Credit Approval process provides virtual cash to home buyers, eliminating any questions on how much money will be required or the next step in the process.


After you have successfully made an offer on a new home, we will assist you throughout the rest of the buying process and will ensure a fast and convenient closing.


To learn how to get approved for your home loan or mortgage, contact us today.

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