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Real Estate Investment & Advisory​

Our fundamental approach to investing is bottom-up and value-oriented, strengthened by our focus on off-market situations and our ability to provide creative solutions to complex situations.

Stewards of Capital & Co. offers a broad range of services to owners and lenders facing significant challenges in the current real estate market. The unit is focused exclusively on opportunistic and distressed real estate investments in South Florida that we believe offer highly attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Our Special Asset Purchase Unit invests in real estate through direct and indirect property ownership, and through private real estate securities and financial instruments. We focus specifically on value-added transactions, distressed assets, and development opportunities both domestically and internationally.

Returns are created through reliance on proactive management, rather than simple application of financial leverage. By actively improving property values, we are able to generate target returns in all market environments. The team seeks situations in which investments can be made at an attractive cost basis and where value can be increased through intensive operational and financial management. We have strong relationships in the real estate industry that provide our Special Assets Purchase Unit with excellent and exclusive access to off-market transaction flow.

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